Chief Content Editor

Job description

Main Duties:

  1. Design programs, chose topics according to company product positioning and current affairs, and ensure that breaking news reporting exceed competitors. Explore and create styles step by step, and expand brand influence. Prepare reporting plan for next stage and be responsible for the content quality.
  2. Set up the process and regulations for content monitoring and reviewing on the platform. Guide the team to adhere to the processes and regulations as well.
  3. Lead the team to accomplish the content output on social media platforms and ensure the product's influence on social platforms.
  4. Collaborate with headquarters product team and operations team to optimize product design.
  5. Related support to localization of marketing.
  6. Take responsiblities for content editing, setting up new teams, training and management assessment domestically and also in surrounding countries. Ensure high efficiency of the team and assist in UGC system building.
  7. Regularly organize the team to do investigations and make user requirements and market research as the output in order to provide suggestions for the platform development and products optimization.
  8. Take responsiblities for the main KPIs in the responsable market.


  1. More than 7 years experiance of mainstream media or Internet platform content editing, plus 2 years of team management experience. Be proficient in politics, entertainment, and sports field reporting. Has experience of designing and organizing big reports; understand user preferences and have a wealth of editorial team management experience.
  2. Be familiar with the environment in domestic and surrounding country news/content. Be aware of major domestic news websites, APP and competing products, social media features, and style. Powerful operational awareness and rich domestic resources in this industry.
  3. The candidates should have strong writing skills and who have excellent previous works or interviews of high ranking officials / breaking news are preferred.
  4. Open minded, strong ability to withstand pressure, can integrate into the fast-paced work mode of Internet industry.
  5. Fluent in English and strong communication skills.
  6. Work experience with internet or news media is preferred.

Transsnet Group is a joint venture between NetEase Group(a world-leading Internet listed company in China) and Transsion Holdings Group (a global Intelligent Terminal Products, and mobile value-added service provider).
It focuses on all kinds of Internet fields and takes Internet finance, Internet music, short video, online news as its main business. Its internetwork products contain: Boomplay-Africa's largest online music platform, Vskit-Africa's NO.1 short video platform, Palmcredit, Easybuy, Palmpay -the fast growing and popular lending and installment and payment financial platform,Transsnet More and other outstanding Internet products that have already emerged in Africa. Transsnet is also one of the first Chinese Internet enterprises , begin to lead African nativism internet road.

The More is one of the new aggregated content Apps created by the Group. She could accurately recommend personalized contents according to different users' individual interests by its advanced AI technology through an aggregated database which contains thousands of interesting contents coming from all over the world.