Content Executive (Editor)

Job description

The Content Executive (Editor) will be responsible for:

- Topic content operation.

- Establish content framework and strategies for the platform.

- Hands-on experience in contents and creatives; strong leadership in team collaboration and cooperation, solid hard skill in content making (e.g. editing, remix and etc.) is a big plus.

- Sensitive to sensations in social media, responsive to trends and hits, and strategize accordingly FAST

- Liaison with local and digital media and other content providers, inspect and improve content quality

- Inspect and improve content accounts and management.

- Content collection and creation focusing on news and trends.

- Able to identify sensations in social media, and respond fast to ride with the trends

- Inspect and improve content accounts and management


  1. Have love for social media, sensitive to trends, and familiar with young people's language and culture.
  2. Must have Strong communication skills
  3. Experience in the entertainment industry is preferred. 
  4. (or above)  with relevant experience in content related industry.
  5. Strong ownership and leadership, excellent communication and fast-learning ability; effective and self-driven.
  6. Hands on experience in contents and creatives.